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BC Digital Trust

Confident, Confidential Communication Online

Our economy depends on confidently proving things about ourselves. For example, you show someone your business registration documents—“credentials”—in order to open a business bank account.

However, online, physical credentials are not suitable. An emailed picture of a driver’s licence is insecure and hard to verify, and leaves the door open to identity theft and fraud.

A new, empowering solution to digital identity and communication is needed that’s:

  • Confidence-building
  • Trustworthy
  • Deployable in a quick and easy manner
  • Adopted worldwide, using an open source approach.

All these qualities are available in new technologies for what we call Digital Trust. It’s based on a worldwide-recognized model created by the Trust Over IP Foundation.

This site details Digital Trust technology projects from the Government of British Columbia in Canada.

Projects and Initiatives

Projects Overview

OrgBook BC

A live service providing organization-related Verifiable Credentials in BC, Canada

BC Wallet - Technology Overview


Governance Overview


Tools Overview


A foundation layer for building Verifiable Credential ecosystems


Participate in the digital trust ecosystem as an issuer, holder, and/or verifier.

Business Partner Agent

Software run by an organization for issuing, holding, and verifying VCs.

Aries VCR (OrgBook)

The foundation of OrgBook, and used for deploying your own ecosystem of organization-related Verifiable Credentials

Aries VCR Issuer Controller

A template issuer controller for issuing Verified Credentials to Aries VCR (OrgBook).

Aries Agent Test Harness

Test the interoperability of various Aries agents and frameworks

Aries RFCs

The protocols and features of Aries, for those building on Aries

Indy SDK

Everything needed to build applications that interact with the Indy distributed ledger

Indy Node

Run the node of a distributed ledger for Digital Trust

How To Get a Mobile Wallet

Get a compatible wallet on your phone that can receive, hold and prove your verifiable credentials.

How To Contribute

Various ways you can actively contribute to Verifiable Credentials technology.

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